Photoshop A Trick of the Light

Photoshop - A trick of the light is Barry Huggins' 8th book on Photoshop and  graphics applications and is now available in eBook format. The book is a master reference on the creation of light within Photoshop and teaches you how to manipulate Photoshop's powerful tools with techniques that result in beautiful, photo-realistic images that you can adapt and use again and again in your own work.

Each chapter is a self contained project, so you can work in any order to create a specific effect or learn a certain technique. The projects use a simple step by step format with pictures accompanying  each step, so whether your Photoshop knowledge is still at afoundation level or you are an advanced user you will always be able to follow along and achieve a great result.

All the original images used in the projects are included with the book and can be downloaded from the website, enabling you to plot your progress and compare your results with the finished work in the book

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