• The Evanescence of Being

    He does not remember the exact moment that witnessed the death of his desire for life. And his memories of passion, joy and meaning are distant and lost among the shadows that darken the long, tedious hours of ......

  • A Late Monsoon

    On the white painted veranda of a colonial hotel, two men meet in the stifling heat of the approaching monsoon. They are a generation apart and their ideologies diverge but they share the same moment...

  • The sexual imperative

    The Sexual Imperative

    He wakes in the dead of night, the August moon his only light in the darkness of his mountain chateau. He is alone, but the shifting shadows that stir within his room suggest the presence of another...

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The Tweet Repository

Where spent tweets are put out to pasture to live out their remaining days

Whoever first said a picture is worth a thousand words, clearly was not being very discerning in their choice of words
Bottling and selling amnesia could save fortunes in therapy bills
The developing nations would be smiling if they weren't choking on all the progress.
Remember, dear writers, word count is the ultimate expression of quantity over quality
I wish the end result was as exciting as the anticipation of it.
I had a £300 Mont Blanc pen, but the words that came out of my £1 Biro were sometimes better. So I asked for my money back and bought 300 Biros.
Consider writer's cramp a blessing, that you have so much to say.
Owning a thesaurus won't make you a great writer, but it could make you a less repetitive one.
The wildest conspiracy theories are the ones inspired by those trying to deflect attention from the thing in which they conspired
There is no greater catalyst to action than rejection
You don't have to say Prussian blue when you could have said dark blue, but it's much more delicious if you do.
Life is a very difficult, demanding and often painful school, but at least we know graduation day is always waiting